Paperworks is a Social Enterprise, this just means we are a business but primarily aimed at delivering a social benefit, whilst relying on trading income for financial support.

Our main aim is to provide work preparation training and support to adults with learning, physical and mental health-related disabilities. This includes basic work skills, as well as other more specific skills vital in the workplace.

Busy Bears was set up to give trainees at Paperworks experience of running a small business. The initial set up and artwork was done by trainees undertaking a course called NCFE Entry Level Award in Developing Enterprise Skills. The course is designed to give learners a basic introduction into the main principles of business and enterprises which they then apply to running a small enterprise activity. The learners on the course have designed the artwork and contributed to the content to give it that personal touch us at Paperworks love!

The Busy Bears website will eventually be run by all trainees that attend Paperworks and they will gain experience of e-commerce and stock management. The ultimate goal for Paperworks is to enhance work skills and wellbeing for adults with learning disabilities and by taking part in Busy Bears trainees will learn about business and stock management; increasing skills and trying new things is key in developing self-esteem and confidence.

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