We are running our micro enterprise whilst at Paperworks. As we are a charity, we ask for a donation in exchange for a free gift.

Your donations go to Paperworks and Busy Bears will use this money to expand our micro enterprise and develop our skills. We might look at buying bulk products to re-bag and sell, or pay for training relevant to running an enterprise. This is all so that we can gain experience and learn skills about running a business.

If you choose to collect your order, then you can collect from either of our offices; this must be arranged prior to collection. See Our offices page to find out where you can collect from!

If you choose for your order to be posted, the money paid for this goes towards the cost of packaging and posting your order out.

We will try our hardest to fulfil your order as quickly as possible, but please bear in mind we are adults with learning disabilities and we may take a little longer to process your order.