The donation that we receive in exchange for your gift goes to Paperworks. Busy Bears trainees will be able to view how much money we have received and then update this section of the website to reflect what we have raised.

Busy Bears will use the money raised to expand the experiences and skills that trainees gain from running the micro enterprise. They will be supported to look at new items to list on the website, for instance one individual would like to buy sweets in bulk and re-bag with the Busy Bears logo. Trainees may also decide they would like some training about a particular aspect of running a business and managing stock. Some trainees have asked about marketing and learning how to promote things on social media, so this could be some training they follow up on.

The money raised will not only enable our trainees to develop their skills and broaden their experiences, but it will help with their wellbeing and sense of achievement. Adults with learning disabilities sometimes find that they are not able to make many choices in their personal life and Busy Bears will enable trainees to consider options for developing the enterprise and make decisions. Staff at Paperworks believe this will have a huge positive impact on the wellbeing, confidence, self-esteem and mental health of the individuals that attend our service.